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Counseling Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Affordable Counseling offers a variety of different counseling services to help you when you're having difficulty dealing with certain feelings and emotions. Peggy Dumont Smith, MA, LPC, can provide individual as well as couples counseling to help you overcome some of the difficulties you're having in your life.

As a couple, there's nothing wrong with realizing that there are parts of the relationship that need to be worked on. Often times, a couple is unable to see the source of their problems because each person wants to be right in the situation. By coming to a couples session, you'll have an outside perspective on the issues. With a non-biased point of view, both of your sides will be heard, but you'll also be given suggestions as to how to learn to accept each other's flaws and learn how to have a much better relationship.

Family counseling is also available to those who are having turmoil with their loved ones. Whether you're having issues with your children or immediate family, a family session is a great way to clear the air and work towards having the loving relationship that you all deserve. The goal of our service is to offer you a safe place where you can come and open up and learn how to deal with life's issues in a much healthier way for you and your loved ones. Contact us today to learn more.